Niko Vento

I am Niko, a 14-year-old ice hockey player, who travels the world, with severe food and latex allergies. I am an honor roll student, who loves travel and all sports events. My biggest challenge when traveling is eating and as a teen, I eat a lot, so food and travel go hand-in-hand.

Just in case you are curious and have seen some of my adventures, you know my mom takes me out of school during the year. I make sure to stay on the honor roll so that I can get my travel approved during the school year, and not worry about things. Travel is an education tool. Since I love to travel and we do, and I have food allergies, I figure sharing my adventures can help so many others with food allergies (we learned a lot when we cruised with a big Cruise brand a little while back).

My dining adventures include foods that I am not allergic too, which is a tough challenge, especially when traveling in countries where I don't speak their language. But, I have managed to dine in the Western Caribbean, the Eastern Caribbean, Mexico and on the high seas. Also from coast to coast.

The Moment that changed my travel experiences forever and I had that 'AHA' moment. My mom stopped along the highway in Georgia to eat, she asked to speak to the Food Manager, to see if we could eat at this one restaurant, we were starved. Frustrated, she was turned away, I knew that I had to help others in the same situation. Sharing what I eat and where I eat might just help you all out and then you too can travel with a lot less fear. Each time I travel, I challenge restaurants to work with my complicated allergies, so that I am knocking over those Chef Doors and helping others struggling with food allergies. Some do this more gracefully than others, trust me and I will tell you the truth. BTW, Great Wolf Lodge really rocks food allergies and since they are all over the US this is a tip you gotta know!

Every time I pull out a piece of luggage (it better have 4 wheel spinner luggage wheels) I start to think about my next adventure. I do love keeping up with all sports and keeping my streaks on Snapchat, so wherever I go WiFi needs to be there. I mean, these are teen requirements for travel are they not? Travel is like an unpacked piece of luggage that is never full and is waiting to be filled with memories.

I've experienced so much it's almost to hard to know what favorite thing is; From zip lining over alligators to almost falling off a zipline in a course, to coaster rides, plane rides and Swimming in crystal clear waters of Roatan (Mahogany Bay) there's something everywhere that I love.

Come along and let's make the coolest beverages in those new Coca-Cola beverage dispensers that offer so many flavors you could literally get sick from trying them all (been there, done that, Wendy's doesn't kick you out, lol) - Travel is full of combinations just like the beverage machine, always different, never the same, so try it all.

Are you curious #WhereNikoTravels? Join me to see where I go and what I do. Stay tuned as I am on a quest to find the most teen-friendly and allergen-friendly locations that show me things I have never seen and experienced. Join me to find out @wherenikotravels.

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